Steve Hazelden

I am passionate about what I do and extremely critical of my own work!

I was author for a number of years of the weekly internet column in the local "District Mail" newspaper and I also gave a number of Private Internet related courses.
I specialised in the development side of the web and especially database integration which is integral for CMS/CRM development.
I was sub-contracted to Gallo Images for a number of years customizing their Fotoware Image system. I was invited to Denmark to visit Fotoware and attend an international Fotoware seminar.
In later years I have kept myself up to date with many videos from Youtube and to ensure I stay abreast with technology and all functionality available on the Internet.
For my latest projects I have been using the PHP MCV framework of Yii.
I assure you of my best service and attention at all times. Each of my clients is more of a friend than a client. I look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance to you in your upcoming web adventure!

History highlights

  • APS - Automated Publishing Services
  • For many years I have worked on and off on a full time basis with APS.
    * PHP MCV System deveopment
    * Woodwing Workflow Software
    * Elvis Digital Asset Management
    * Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla sites and data integration
    * PHP / XML / MySQL
    * I developed an online PHP Sales Lead tracker

  • Atkins South Africa
  • I was contracted to build Atkins SA's recent competiton site. The site had to track contestants weights over a 9 week period. periodic automated calculations were built into the the system and the displays were based on the results. There was also certain Facebook intigration as well as a voting system for guests to cast their votes irrelevant of weight gains or losses.

  • Netscope Training
  • Over a period of four years, first on a freelance basis and then later as the full time head of the the web training division I lectured a number of subjects for Netscope at both the Somerset West and Tygervalley learning centres.
    * Adobe Fireworks
    * Adobe Dreamweaver
    * Adobe Ultradev / MySQL
    * Adobe Flash
    * N+

  • Future Kids
  • Initially supplied / setup Future Kids Somerset West with the hardware they needed for their head office and learning centre in somerset West. Supplied / setup additional hardware to create computer learning centre at De Hoop primary school.
    I lectured both children and adults at their head office learning centre for approximately 2 years.